Love Sacrifice Quotes: Sacrifice is the excellence of the sacrificial and honorable for love. When we adore for somebody profoundly enough and watch over them incredibly, we wouldn’t fret surrendering things that are near our souls just to see them upbeat and satisfied. Pure love needs pure words and for that purpose we have placed several beautiful pics containing Love Quotes & Sayings.

Sacrifice is the virtue of the selfless and noble. When we like for someone intensely enough and care for them greatly, we do not mind giving up things that are close to our hearts simply to see them angry and happy. Love makes materialistic values appear so inconsequential that folks don’t mind foregoing their petty pleasures to make others feel joyful and important. Here are some famous loosing/surrendering quotations and sayings that will help you explore the real meaning of the phrase.

  • Sacrifices made for love are fine, unless the sacrifice is you.
  • I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.
  • To have the love of this man, who knows what it is to sacrifice his life for love, I would have waited longer.
  • Honor, duty, and love. He would not sacrifice Anna for his father and all the other werewolves in existence. Given a choice, he chose love.
  • Let us speak of this in purely human terms. Oh! how pitiable a person who has never felt the loving urge to sacrifice everything for love, who has therefore been unable to do so!
  • Life’s just a sacrifice, a ransom We pay to Death for Love to save,Which turns to be as great as handsome To get a blessing from the grave.
  • We can only sacrifice so much of ourselves in a relationship before there’s nothing left to love or be loved.
  • Men, and pigs, are hard on women who sacrifice their virtue, especially for love.
  • If the sacrifice is the ultimate way for that person to show you that they love you, you should let them do it.
  • Of what value is your life, unless you are willing to sacrifice it for those you love?

Sacrifice Love Quotes

Love Sacrifice Quotes

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

Sacrifice Love Sayings

Quotes And Sayings About Love

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.

True Love Quotes

Sacrifice Quotes About Love

True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.

Special Quotes For Love Sacrifice

  1. Good Soldiers don’t sacrifice the cause for love – LucasIf the cause isn’t love then it isn’t worth the sacrifice.
  2. Real love is living for others.
  3. When your heart is gripped by the love of God poured out in the cross, and when you see the extent of that love in the propitiation by which Christ became the sacrifice for your sin, bearing wrath and entering hell for you, and when you are convinced that this Christ offers Himself in redeeming love to others who do not yet know Him, a passion will be lit in your heart to pursue a God-centered life.
  4. No sacrifice which a lover would make for his beloved is too great for us to make for our enemy.
  5. God is stronger than their strength, more loving than their uttermost love, and in so far as they have loved and sacrificed themselves for others, they have obtained the infallible proof, that God too lives and loves and gives Himself away.
  6. Love doesn’t please itself by seeking revenge. Love sacrifices itself for the good of others.
  7. So firm did Nivea’s determination become that she wrote in her diary that she would give up marriage in order to devote herself completely to the struggle for women’s suffrage. She was not aware that such a sacrifice would not be necessary, and that she would marry a man for love who would back her up in her political goals.
  8. Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have someone for love in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.
  9. True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.
  10. I guess the sacrifice of my dignity is the only thing that will save us now. The things I endure for love. The Fates laugh at my torment.