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You Can’t: Human Rights Day Quotes

Quotes About Human Rights Day

You can’t have occupation and human rights.

Classroom Human Rights Sayings

Classroom Human Rights Quotes Sayings

Turn the cell into a classroom and the prison into a university.

Human Rights Slogans

Human Rights Day Quotes & Slogans

The only way to do the human rights thing is to do the right thing medically.

International Human Rights Day Quotes

  1. Quote words that affirm, all men and women are your brothers and sisters.
  2. The issue of human rights is one of the most fundamental human issues and also one of the most sensitive and controversial.
  3. The idea of human rights as a fundamental principle can be seen to underlie throughout Islamic teachings.
  4. No references to the need to fight terror can be an argument for restricting human rights.
  5. The real struggle for us is for the citizen to cease to be the property of the state.
  • Those religions that are oppressive to women are also against democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression.
  • In the criminal law, imprisonment should be resorted to only after the most anxious consideration.
  • Being a humanitarian, supporting animal rights activists, human rights activists, it’s all the same.
  • Many of us persons of the tinted persuasion care about human rights and artistic freedom too.
  • I do protect human rights, and I hope I shall always be looked up as a champion of human rights.
  • Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.
  • We don’t see a choice between securing growth and investment and raising human rights issues.